CBC-ROI Attitudes Toward Alberta's Energy Sector, Released Feb 14, 2012

CBC-ROI Alberta Attitudes Survey January 2012

CBC/ROI Attitudes Toward Alberta's Energy Sector, Released Feb 14, 2012
“Albertans give the Government of Alberta and the oil and gas sector high ratings for creating jobs and economic wealth, but they rate both the government and industry less positively for communicating with the general public and addressing pipeline critics.”

CBC/ROI - Attitudes Towards Change in Alberta Politics, Released Feb 13, 2012
“Albertans believe politics in the Province have changed a lot recently, and they reject the notion their vote doesn’t count because things never change.”

CBC/ROI - Economics Pre-Budget Poll, Released Feb 8, 2012
“The economy is a key concern, but the Government gets mixed reviews in dealing with it; Two out of 3 think the Alberta Government is doing an adequate or good job managing the economy; Half rate it poorly in spending tax dollars effectively- a potential Wildrose 'wedge' issue.”

CBC/ROI - Healthcare Poll, Released Feb 7, 2012
Only half of Albertans think the Government is dealing effectively with healthcare; Front line professionals are rated highly, but perceptions have lessened since 2009; Political oversight is viewed more critically, but has improved in the past 3 years; Ratings of the system are more negative than people’s direct personal experience.

CBC/ROI - Politics Poll Issues and Parties, Released Feb 6, 2012
“Healthcare still dominates the agenda, but economic concerns and oil and gas issues are increasing in importance in Alberta; The PCs are viewed as the best party to lead the Province on economic issues, while Wildrose does not 'own' any issue”

CBC/ROI - Voting Intentions: Alberta, Released February 3, 2012
"A majority of Albertans approve of Alison Redford’s performance as Premier; Danielle Smith’s approval ratings are also positive, but she trails her chief rival, especially among women"

CBC/ROI - Voting Intentions: Alberta, Released February 2, 2012
"PCs hold a commanding lead in voter preference over the Wildrose, while the NDP has passed the Liberal Party as the third place choice among voters"