ROI Calgary Civic Election Polls (Fall 2010)

Civic Elections - Ward 8 (an inner city ward with a one term incumbent)
"John Mar is leading, but Zak Pashak has closed the gap compared to the O'Connell poll released last week.  Nenshi has a slight lead over Higgins in Ward 8, with McIver running third."

Civic Elections - Ward 4 (an older developed suburban ward with no incumbent)
"In Ward 4, with no incumbent, a high percentage of  voters are undecided (46%), but Sean Chu leads a crowded field with 15% support.  Higgins has a 6 point lead over McIver and is well ahead of Nenshi. Hawkesworth was running fourth in his old Ward before he decided to pull out of the race."

ROI Calgary Mayoralty Poll (Oct. 5th, 2010)
"The race for Mayor has become a two-way fight between McIver and Higgins, with Nenshi in third and all others well behind."